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Who We Are

Alameda Harbor Bay Ferry, Inc. is a Marketing and Advertising company based in San Francisco California founded by Marshall Baldwin, a promising young businessman who graduated with a degree in Business Administration with a Major in Marketing at Stanford University.

The AlamedaHarborBayFerry founder; Marshall Baldwin, with his wife at the harbor.

The AlamedaHarborBayFerry founder; Marshall Baldwin, with his wife at the harbor.

Marshall believes that the best way to promote ones services is by leaving them to the experts in the field, with research and studies and hiring of expert personnel in the service of bay ferry, Marshall have produced a team that could help and guide every individual to avail different services that promotes the Bay Ferry in San Francisco California.

Marshall’s plan has been established through the launching of this website that will provide every user and visitors like you to join the community discussions and surf the site for the complete list of information such as but not limited to; fare and ticket, ferry schedules, and other online resources including articles and news to be updated with the day to day activities of ferries in San Francisco Bay.

This website has been on its’ full function of providing links related to the services in San Francisco Bay area through daily or weekly updates on changes on rates, promotional materials and contents or articles shared by different authors and bloggers across the globe with the same interest of providing useful information about the bay.

Well known travelers and tour guides have also been invited to write or provide reviews on the different services available at Harbor Bay Ferry, and thanks to them we have been more aware of different concerns and issues that needed to be raised and continuously improved or perhaps those details that requires the immediate attention of the business groups or individuals.

If you want to know more about our services or speak with our client support team, you may visit our How To Reach Us page.